Grace Harbor | Providence Church

Foster Care Awareness Night – 5/25 @7 p.m.

May is National Foster Care Month-a month set aside to create awareness of the approximately 408,000 youth currently mired in the United States Foster Care System.  Who are these youth? They are kids who, at no fault of their own, have been removed from their primary biological caregivers due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, or predictive neglect. This traumatic experience, however, should not alone define their identity. Each one of them is an individual person uniquely created in the image of God and thereby endued with an inherent dignity and value that is not only worthy of but also demanding of our care. In fact, Isaiah 1:17 and James 1:27 could not be more clear: one of the authenticating marks of true repentance (Is. 1:17) and faith (Ja.1:27) is care for the vulnerable, oppressed children in our midst.

So then, how should we care for them? Well, some can foster, but, not everyone. Some can adopt, but, not everyone. Some can mentor, but, not everyone. BUT, one thing everyone CAN do is pray!  Intentional, urgent, intercessory prayer is one means of serving and loving the entire foster care community. Through prayer, we appeal to the living God-the God who Himself cares for the orphans and at risk children in our world.

On May 25th at 7pm, Grace Harbor Church will be hosting a gathering for this very purpose. We invite members of Grace Harbor Church, as well as fellow Christians in our community, to join us to pray to our own adoptive Father on behalf of the foster care community.


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