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College Ministry Leaders

Long, Kenny (1 of 1)Kenny Long, Collegiate Minister

Kenny moved to Providence from Oklahoma City with the strategic goal of building relationships with college students and discipling them in the Gospel. As someone who has always desired to preach Christ where He is not preached, Kenny never thought that opportunity would come here in the U.S. However, as he learned more about the spiritual climate of the New England region, especially Rhode Island, a burden grew in his heart. Only 1.6% of the people have had exposure to the Gospel in Providence and Barna Research Group calls it one of the least Bible minded cities in the entire country.

Kenny is excited to meet and engage lost students with the Gospel, to see them grow in their vision for fulfilling the Great Commission globally, and to see what God will do through the faithful proclamation of His word.  If God loves the nations, then we should love the nations by giving our lives to see Christ formed in a person’s heart.

Kenny lives in in the Smith Hill neighborhood of Providence with his wife Ashley and their four children, Arabella, Avery, Asher, and Kensley.

IMG_7871-2Angie Turner, Collegiate Missionary

Angie’s passion for collegiate ministry began while she was in college herself when she served as president of the Valdosta State University (VSU) campus ministry. During the end of her junior year and through her senior year, Angie learned how pivotal the college years are for students as they try to “find themselves.” In Angie’s case, godly men and women poured their lives into her so she could do the same for others for God’s glory.

Angie wants to help students understand the Gospel and their purpose in living a life to glorify God in whatever field He calls them. Ultimately, she desires to see college students come to know the Lord and develop a love for His Word, a passion for holiness and a way of living that exercises evangelism, discipleship, and being involved in the local church.

Originally from Murphy, NC, Angie spent much of her life moving around the Southeast. She has two brothers and one sister. She graduated from VSU with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. She has a passion for law and her favorite movie is the Lion King. She love sports, eating good food, and getting to know new people. She lives in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence.