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Home Worship for Sunday, March 29

Dear Grace Harbor family,

As we approach another Lord’s Day,  we will still be unable to gather together as a church body. We’re obviously still the church, and I’ve been so encouraged by the way I’ve heard people trying to do one another spiritual good from a distance. That required distance, however, is keeping us from assembling ourselves together. I trust we’re all feeling that irreplaceable loss of encouragement that comes from the whole church body in corporate worship.. Still, when John had been exiled to Patmos and was the only believer there, he found himself in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, (Revelation 1:10). And so we want to strongly encourage every one of you to keep up the rhythm of worshipping God on the first day of the week, giving Him the firstfruits of your week. My own family is continuing to keep the scheduled time of 10 am worship, just to keep up that important rhythm in our lives.

I wanted to send out another email this week with a suggestion of what we can be doing for this time of worship in our homes this Sunday. Again, if you have your own plan for what you want to do, then you can do that, but we do think there’s good value in all of us being able to study the same thing and talk about it with one another throughout the week via phone or other means.

This week I’m suggesting we all study Psalm 23 in our homes. The same guidelines I shared last week are still useful. (You can find them at the bottom of this email). However, based on some feedback, I wanted to give a little bit more guidance to your time this week. I’ve attached an audio file outlining the passage with some basic questions for you to ask yourself to help you understand and think about how to apply the text. In addition to this, I have taken the opportunity to make some brief application from this text for us as a church.

Here’s a suggestion for what you might do in your homes this week.

  • Open in prayer
  • Sing a song or two, (possibly Christ is Mine Forevermore and/or Come Ye Souls By Sin Afflicted)
  • Read John 10:7-18
  • Respond to God in prayers of confession and praise.
  • Pray for members in the church directory
  • Spend some time studying Psalm 23
  • Close in song and prayer (He Leadeth Me) 

In addition to these, please remember that while we’re not gathering together, we’re still able to fulfill our covenant to sustain the needs and ministry of the church through our giving. You can easily do that on our website ( for only a 25 cent fee through your bank.

I hope this is helpful to you, and trust that the Lord will bless your time in His word.

In Christ,


Ask yourselves three basic questions of the text. 

  • First, “What does it say? This is where you’re just making observations about the text. Who or what’s the main subject? What sticks out? What’s the context? Is anything being repeated or emphasized? Make sure you’re looking at what comes before and after the text to see how it relates to the overall context. 
  • Second, “What does it mean?” This is where you’re taking all of your observations and trying to determine what’s the point or aim of the text. What’s the truth that’s meant to be applied? 
  • Third, “How does it apply?” What does it look like to put the truth of the text into action? How should it change the way you think? Where do you need to change? Make sure that you don’t just think about how to apply the text to your life as an individual, however, think about how this text might apply to your family, your work, a non-Christian, or our church as a whole.

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