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New Sermon Series – Thinking Beyond Our Assumptions

Normally, what we love to do on Sunday mornings is open a book of the Bible and just walk through it each week – exposing ourselves to what God has said.

But on occasion we take the opportunity to speak to certain topics that are important to our lives as Christians. This Sunday we’re beginning a new topical series: “Thinking Beyond Our Assumptions – about Life, Sin, Death, and Love”.

Those are four really important topics that many people assume we understand all that we need to, because we’re all living, we’re all sinners, we’re all going to die, and hopefully we can all say that we love and are loved by others.

But we don’t want to live by our assumptions. Our assumptions can be wrong, and if they are then we wouldn’t know it precisely because we are assuming them. That can create problems for ourselves and others.  Sadly, many people inside and outside the church feel really strongly about lots of different issues, and yet they can’t always articulate a consistent and logical reason for holding those same issues.  We want to be able to articulate what we know, why we feel the way we do, and then live consistently with that knowledge.

So over the next few weeks we’re going to look at these four areas. Come gather together with us.

  • Life                                January 15
  • Sin                                 January 22
  • Death                           January 29
  • Love                             February 5

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