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Persevering in Prayer

Prayer is one of the great privileges of the Christian life. Persevering in prayer, however, can be one of the most challenging…especially when circumstances get discouraging. When prayers are not answered as quickly as we would like, we can find ourselves losing faith, praying less, and even giving up.

Daniel provides us with an incredible example of persevering in prayer despite difficult, even dangerous, circumstances. Daniel devoted three periods of his day to prayer. Further, though he was the in the religious minority, he was in no way discreet. Every day he opened his windows and sought the Lord for all to see. Some of the provincial governors of Persia (“satraps”) were jealous of Daniel and saw this as an opportunity to end his life. They convinced King Darius to make a law banning prayer to anyone other than the King himself for 30 days. They had a feeling Daniel would not stop praying and they were right. As soon as Daniel learned that the document had been signed, he went into his house, opened the windows and got down on his knees to pray – just as he had done before. 

Daniel’s perseverance is inspiring – especially when we know the reason for his prayers. According to Daniel 9:2-3, Daniel was praying for the restoration of Israel. In other words, He cared about God’s people so much that he was interceding for them at great risk to himself -when there’s a death sentence over his head. Choosing to be an intercessor for God’s people – in prayer – could be a choice to die. This didn’t stop Daniel. He persevered because he believed what was written in God’s word. He believed – therefore – he prayed and prayed and prayed.

Daniel teaches us to allow the promises that God has made in His word to govern our prayers rather than what we might feel or see. Grace Harbor, let’s follow his example and be encouraged to pray. We have even greater promises of deliverance in Christ. We have an even greater example of deliverance in Christ’s own deliverance. We can trust God and His word no matter our circumstances – and no matter the speed at which God answers our prayers. He is a good, faithful, and powerful God. Knowing that He has given us His own Son and eternal life through Him, what we ask from Him, is never too big or too good for God (see Romans 8:32!). That includes His ability to provide for all of our needs or to help us through trials or to keep our hearts – our faith – until we one day see Him. God is indeed a loving Father who hears the prayers of His children so…pray!

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