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“Staying Faithful” – A New Sermon Series in the Book of Jude

Truth is a scary and serious thing. By it’s very definition, the word “truth” assumes that there are non-truths. In our pluralistic age, this belief is scandalous. But in an age of confusion and uncertainty, it is liberating. The truth should make us stay faithful to the end, as we seek to live in light of that truth. Also, it’s something we fight for and eagerly announce. We all need help if we’re going to stay faithful, and we hope that our 3-week series in the book of Jude will be used by God to serve to that end. Join us at 10am on Sundays as we dig into this little book together.

June 14th – Fight for the Truth – Jude 1-11
June 21st – Walk with God – Jude 12-19
June 28th – Strengthen the Church – Jude 20-25

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