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Reaching the Schemes

8abb5504f5584543c325c16966897d5c_400x400In the United Kingdom they are known as ‘council estates’, in the United States they are referred to as the ‘projects’, and in Scotland they are called ‘schemes’. What is a Scheme?

The schemes are made up of the working class people who are sometimes holding down 2+ jobs as they struggle to pay bills and the ‘benefits class’ who have been on social security handouts for generations and for them work is an anathema. Over the years change has come to the schemes in forms of modern redevelopment and immigrants, but has not always been met with enthusiasm.

This society within the schemes is being fed by a drug culture, coupled with a criminal underbelly that deals in street drugs, prescribed medication and stolen goods. Many of the people living in the schemes are ruled by fear and either see them as a place of terror, hopelessness or ‘home’.

20Schemes come about for the purpose of reaching the poorest of Scotland by building gospel-centered churches in the schemes. Their goal is to identify 20 of the poorest schemes in Scotland and see them transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the revitalization of gospel-preaching churches. They will do this by recruiting, training, supporting and sending church planters, female outreach workers, ministry apprentices, and short-term interns to work as part of church planting teams within the housing schemes.

We at Grace Harbor have decided to partner with 20Schemes as they spread of the gospel throughout Scotland. One of the ways we will be partnering with them is by sending a team of people for a week in July to help one of the 4 church plants with youth sports activities, community outreach, survey work, vacation bible school and building site work. In order for the team to go they must each raise $2,000. If you would like to support us and 20Schemes in this please click here to donate.

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