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Bright Hopes For Dark Times – a new sermon series in 1 Samuel

What do we do when everything around us, or within us, seems like it’s falling apart? How are we supposed to live when life is out of control, and the path forward isn’t really clear? As individuals, or together as a community, all of us have known or will know times like this in this imperfect world. What does the Bible say about these darker times of our souls or lives?

In our next sermon series here at Grace Harbor we will be answering these questions by looking at the book of 1 Samuel. The events of this book take place on the heels of the book of Judges, which ends, “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did whatever he wanted” (Judges 21:25). These were dark times for God’s people. They were full of violence and chaos. The future of God’s people were uncertain at best!

But the message of 1 Samuel is that nothing can stop God from accomplishing His good purposes for His people. He makes promises of deliverance to people in need, and He alone can keep them. He is the true king of His people. 1 Samuel teaches us how, in fact, God will achieve His purposes in the world – even in very dark times.

Please join us on Sunday mornings as we begin our new sermon series: Bright Hopes For Dark Times. 

  • July 25 – God is Still Present – 1 Samuel 1-7
  • August 2 – God Is Always Faithful – 1 Samuel 8-12
  • August 9 – God’s Ways Are Best – 1 Samuel 13-16
  • August 16 – …to the Conflicted – Rev. 2:12-17
  • August 23 – God Always Wins – 1 Samuel 17
  • August 30 – God Is Protector – 1 Samuel 18-24
  • Sept. 6 – God Is Trustworthy – 1 Samuel 25-31

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